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Violet Stars

A.V.F.L. Services

Welcome to the services offered by Applied Vision Flow Lab and its Team Members!

Learning how many talents and skills that are intertwined within flow and arts. We embrace the forms in which they may be expressed. We offer these services to give back to the communities of artistic flow that have inspired us.

Custom Practice Props


Visit our shop full of practice props. Each with many customizable options to fit anyone's taste. 

WhatYouDesigns Video & Photo


Ideas Through Sight & Visuals


-Drone Video 

-Photo & Visualization

Poi Tether Upgrade


Want to replace the broken tethers you have from a set AVFL didn't build? Pick the tether that suits you! 

Did your tether to your favorite LED or Practice Poi break? We have many styles of ropes to choose from! And you don’t even need to send us your poi! Just take some measurements and pick your new tethers! 

LED/Fire Performance 


The A.V.F.L. Flow crew brings together a grand display of uniquely skilled and expressive individuals.  We offer many prop types and artists who spin them. Hire individuals or the full crew.

Bleach Dye Clothes 

Untitled design.png

Designs of our shirts vary to be sure that each one is unique. Male and Female shirts are available in many sizes. Orders made at personal request.

Nell's Dancing Lights


Fire & Lights : Performance Art, Dance & workshops

- LED light and/or Fire shows

- Choreographed performances to songs of your choice

- Learning workshops and group work

- One to one teaching 

Behind every event & gig there is a story to be told.

Atmosphere, skills, styles, equipment.

Learn From A.V.F.L.


Many of our flow team would be honored to be able to help anyone learn within the means of their own abilities. While learning to find our own ways to do that. We have also come to recognise that there are many different learning styles. Some learn from text, images, videos, etc.. And there are those that learn better from one on one communication. We hope to bring this from our team to you.

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