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  • Will I get any physical proof of purchase?
    You may recieve an email or personal message that confirms your purchase. And a tracking number for your shippment.
  • Are these fire props?
    No! These are known as day time or practice props. These ropes are unsafe to light on fire.
  • Are these products affordable?
    Yes. Our hand made practice props are very affordable. Our goal is to keep our props affordable for anyone who wishes to step into the flow arts world for the first time. Or for more skilled artists to use for practice rather than damage their more expencive props.
  • Do you have a physical location?
    Our workshop is curently a private residence and there for we do not have a physical location that customers may visit. Sometimes we set up a booth with our props at events or festivals. So we hope to see some of you out there in person.
  • Are these props safe to get wet?
    Safe? Yes. But not recomended. Some of these ropes may face negative side effects of getting wet. Such as discoloration, molding, or rope core damage. Please for the sake of longer prop life, do not get these props wet.
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