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Standing on the shoulders of giants…

It’s a lovely thought that we each learn something or are inspired by something from someone, who has learnt and been inspired by something from someone else, from someone else, from someone else ad infinitum.

In some way, in my mind, this means that all of our patterns and styles, and us !…are connected.

Through this, we each carry the lineage of spinning history within us and within all of our moves, and we in turn also feed into it. I often feel inspired by people who are not as far into their journey as me; our learning and inspiration then becomes an exchange that works both ways...

Its not just people; geometric patterns, symmetry, music, art, nature…all of these things influence and inspire our journey and become part of the connection…

What are you're “go to“ spinning styles, rhythms and patterns? What do you think has influenced and inspired these?

What "far out" poi thoughts have made you're head spin?

All thoughts, ideas, and comments are welcome and appreciated !

Please feel free to create a profile with AVFL where you can connect with other flow artists, enjoy and share photography and video footage, find tutorials and/or order from our selection of bespoke handmade props.

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