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What poi should I buy?

For beginners and anyone looking to explore knowledge gaps that might need filling...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the variety of types and preferences you need to choose when shopping for poi? what are all these tether and knob styles? which one will be best for me?

Here is a guide exploring all the things you need to think about and why when choosing what poi to buy. If there is anything I have missed in this guide your input is warmly welcomed in the comments section, AVFL is all about growth and learning ! Of course, within this guide AVFL poi will be featured because it is a crew member's project and we love and are proud of it. However, as dedicated spinners ourselves this post has been written with objectivity towards its cause. "Orange" links have been placed throughout the post for you to access the information sources and shops mentioned.

Purchasing a set of new poi is very exciting, but there are also questions of preferences that can really influence your spinning relationship with a set of poi such as: spinner experience and style, ball weight, tether type/length/width, grip type/size/weight, colour impact even...

So lets dive in...

Spinner experience and style:

Poi come in all different shapes and sizes and each design or added design elements put into them caters to styles of spinning or specific moves, When choosing what type of poi you want to purchase, its a good idea to know what your spinning style is and what spinning style you want.

If you want to learn the traditional Kapa Haka style spinning that the name "poi" was first will get a poi that looks like this, its very short which makes spinning fast but precise. The traditional Kapa Haka is a very fast style of spinning done in a group with constant plane changing and bending. There is also a lesser known long style, with much slower more classical circular movements.