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 Community Experiments 

Applied Vision Flow Labs' growth experiment goals aren't limited to the individual or communities we work with. Our experiments are for the dedicated and passionate, those who aren't afraid to challenge themselves in learning, and sharing what they’ve learned with others. Focusing on growth as individuals and bringing communities together through personal action.

When inspiration moves us, we seek to share it with others. We bring kindness, and care in the ways we work seeking to understand, connect with and facilitate the beautiful creative uniqueness of our fellow artists. We have faith that building a supportive web of growing artists will help us all to achieve grander goals.



Transference of Inspiration

When inspiration hits, its like a flood of energy that brings us to action and excitement. Because inspiration comes in so many forms, we share what inspires us with others in many ways. Working on forms of productivity within the moments of being inspired and sharing the knowledge learned in the process helps for our progression. Always being accepting of the expressions that art brings and open to the inspiration one finds in every way has endless possibilities.


Music That Moves Us

Music is something naturally hardwired into the soul of humanity, something that everyone enjoys. When music is created for others with passion, it evokes emotion and can move an individual to the many rhythms played. Music is a much loved part of inspiration, expression, flow, and life itself. This is why we support our musical creators and share the tunes we love with others who may find that it makes them feel, think, and move.



Supportive Growth 

Many of us may or may not have grown with support from others. In many fashions of art in which we choose to express ourselves, some require solitude and some require team work. But all deserve support. Learning to suck at something new is a much less painful experience and much less steeper learning curve when you have a community full of support that has similar passions and love of the arts. Supportive growth is what allows us to grow within ourselves and our communities, and we aim to bring more of that.


Flow Of Creativity

There isn't flow without creativity. Just as well no creativity without flow. Creative flow incorporates what is known, practiced, and expressed. As well as what's brought by inspiration or supportive environments Surrounding one's self with open like minded, supportive, people in a safe place to express ourselves while working for a positive and more beautiful future will bring out a flow of creativity.



Community Growth 

Our community growth is where experimental flow is met with applied vision. We are focused on creating an atmosphere where we can experience and express ourselves on a personal and communal level. Within that we experiment with flow while applying our visions to common goals. This is what allows us to create an environment of supportive growth within the community.

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