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Each Poi is made by hand and to the requested length. Each head is made of a monkey fist knot rapped around a tennis ball. Or other chosen head styles. The full length of poi from head to handle is thre seporate ropes. The handle is mad of a much smaller knots style with weights within the knot. The head is as close to 100mm or 4 inches around as it can be with tightening that keeps the rope from unraveling. The head, handle and tethers are made with 10mm (3/8ths inch) diameter rope. Thinner tethers are not standard to most spinners, though there are some benefits to having them. Thicker tethers may be chosen at 1/2 inch. Some ropes are stiffer then others. Please read the rope descriptions. The length of each poi may be chosen by each customer. 

Custom Contact Poi M.F. T3

Handle Knot Color