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Each Rope-Dart is made by hand and to the requested length. Each head is made of a monkey fist knot rapped around a tennis ball. The full length of each rope-dart from head to hand loop is one single rope. The head is as close to 100mm or 4 inches around as it can be with tightening that keeps the rope from unraveling. The head and tethers are made with 10mm(3/8ths) diameter rope. The length of each rope-dart may be chosen by each customer.

Rope Dart M.F. T1

  • Specs:
    -Recycled tennis ball for the heads weight
    -Polethylene Rope
    -6 wrap monkey fist design
    -Customize your overall length



    Globe Knot, Monkey Fist, more options to come.

    Length can be slightly adjusted by adding a simple knot at the top of the monkey fist or near the smaller monkey fist handle.


    This is a set of "day time rope dart". These are NOT fire Dart. If these Rope Darts are set on fire they will melt. THESE ARE NOT FIRE ROPE DARTS.

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